A data center is more than power and space. It’s the engine room for today’s digital businesses. The nexus of interconnected, interwoven business partnerships. A meeting point for customers, partners and employees.
We’re data center people, but our DNA is technology, not simply real estate. To that end, we’re applying innovation to help modernize all aspects of colocation, from our CXD platform that provides on-demand colocation and connectivity services to help our customers operate with greater speed and agility, to flexible contracts that let your colocation service change and grow according to your business needs, and a fast-growing digital ecosystem of network, service, cloud and infrastructure providers to help you assemble complex solutions at cloud speed.
If you’re looking for data center space, we’d love to talk to you. And if you’re looking for a strategic partner, welcome home.
Our global platform of 62 highly-connected data centers brings together more than 2,300 customers and 600 networks in 29 global markets on four continents.

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