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We offer private access to global clouds and dedicated connectivity for multi-cloud environments. Start improving your business by connecting to clouds from Amazon, Google, Azure, and Alibaba.

  • Guaranteed bandwidth and circuit parameters, unlike solutions based on VPN over the internet
  • The circuit is a dedicated telecom segment, which lowers the possibility of most known attacks.
  • Increase of fault-tolerance, traffic balancing, QoS in case of joint use of VPN and Direct Connect.
  • Ensured compliance with certain requirements of regulators.
  • Organization of DCC circuits to global clouds.
  • Organization of the last mile to the customer’s PoP.
  • Compliance with Russian law for companies interested in operating in the territory of Russia.
  • Direct circuit to Secure & Public Cloud Linxdatacenter, PoP at Linxdatacenter, or other DCs.
  • Contract with the European legal entity of Linxdatacenter.
  • Contract with the Russian legal entity of Linxdatacenter.
  • Connectivity with Russian global clouds and their services.


Linxdatacenter, with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a global provider of high-quality colocation, cloud, and connectivity solutions for business and offers fast connectivity to global cloud services. The company operates in Russia and Eastern Europe and provides solutions at its in Moscow and Saint Petersburg built to TIER III standard, as well as at partner data centers in Warsaw and Frankfurt. Linxdatacenter offers direct connectivity between global clouds and customers’ infrastructures in Russia and guarantees a high level of connection. 

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